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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Powder Sampling Booth

To lay down procedure for proper use and cleaning of the Powder Sampling Booth.

Procedure applies to the Powder Sampling Booth in the Sampling room located in warehouse at XYZ Limited.

It is the responsibility of the operator to follow the procedure
It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that the procedure is followed.

Start up
  • Ensure that the room is clean and free from any previously sampled materials.
  • Switch on the power supply and the fluorescent light.
  • Ensure the equipment is in a clean and in sanitary state.
  • Wipe the walls with 70% isopropyl alcohol or 70% ethanol.
  • Disinfect with disinfectant of the day. When a hypochlorite disinfectant is used a second wiping with purified water is needed to remove residual chlorine.
  • Start blower’s at least 15 minutes before commencement of operations.
  • Record differential pressure across HEPA filter in a log book provided, initial readings are in the range of 8 mm – 12 mm.
  • Ensure adequate protective gear is worn by operating personnel.
  • Do not clutter the work area as this might cause disruption to the airflow, resulting in turbulence, possible cross contamination and or breach of contamination.

Shut down
  • Disconnect all utilities.
  • Switch off motor blower.
  • Clean any equipment used in the work area.
  • Clean the entire unit especially the working zone.
  • Switch off Fluorescent light.
  • Keep entry curtains closed always.

  • All objects placed in the aseptic zone should be free from gross bio-burden and do not release particles.
  • While cleaning do not damage HEPA filter (ensure that nozzles of vacuum cleaner are never pointed towards the HEPA filter).
  • Do not store anything on top of unit.

HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate air.
QA: Quality assurance
QC: Quality Control


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