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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Sticker Labelling Machine

To provide a procedure for proper use and cleaning of the sticker labeling machine.

This procedure applies to the operation and cleaning of sticker labeling machine.

Operator: To operate machine and clean bottles as per procedure.
Supervisor: To ensure procedure is being followed.
QA personnel: To verify and certify that the machine is ready for use.

Procedure for Start up
  • Check the Status of the machine for its operation.
  • Visually check the machine and surrounding area for cleanliness.
  • Visually check that there is no material of the previous batch/product.
  • Write the Batch no, Product name, Date and Signature on the machine status tag.
  • Take the line clearance from production/QA officers before starting the labeling operation and enter the line clearance in batch production record.
  • Get the coding detail of the products such as Batch no, mfg. date, Exp. Date from the batch record.
  • Take the sticker label roll from packing supervisor as per the secondary packing material requisition.
  • Now switch “ON” the main electrical supply to the machine.
  • Set the sticker label roll on the label spool shaft provided on the labeling machine.
  • Visually check missing label sensor and no label no vial sensor id properly working.

Procedure for setting

Label roll fitting & guide setting:
  • Remove top acrylic disc
  • Adjust label roll properly in base acrylic disc.
  • Adjust alignment guides of roller with proper fitting.
  • Fix the label roll
  • Align the guide as per product.

Label gap sensor setting:
  • Align label sensor that label roll Should pass straightly from the label gap sensor.
  • Adjust the label sensitivity with the label pot which is on the sensor
  • Adjust label gap licks as
  1. Label passes through Red L.E.D. off.
  2. Gap between two label Red L.E.D. on

Product sensor setting:
  • Adjust the product sensor from the products to 10mm to 50mm.
  • Set the product sensor – red L.E.D. – off
  1. Product under sensor – Red L.E.D. on
  2. Product passed under sensor – Red L.E.D. off.
  • Set the sensitivity properly with the help of pot as on the top of product sensor.
  • Set the coding impression by ink jet printers and get the coding details, take approval from packing supervisor/Q.A and attach the specimen sample of label in the batch packing record.

  • Before start of new batch or days operation.
  • On completion of batch or days operation.
  • Whenever a new label roll is used for labeling
  • Before and after of every joint in sticker label roll.

Procedure for operation
  • Load vials on the in feed turn table to labeling machine.
  • Switch “ON” the machine and run without vials.
  • Operate the labeling machine and label 5 filled vials.
  • Get the labeled vials approved from production/QA officers.
  • After getting the approvals continue the labeling operation.
  • Set the sticker label roll with a new one after completion of the previous roll.
  • Continue the operation till completion of batch.
  • If sticker label roll has more than two joints in between the roll, it should not be allowed.

Procedure for cleaning
  • After completion of the batch/ day’s work, switch “OFF” the labeling machine.
  • Remove the left over label roll at the end of the day’s operation. If the labeling of the batch is to be continued on the next day’s pack the label roll in poly bags and store under lock and key.
  • Collect and count the rejected sticker label in poly bags.
  • Destroy and dispose off rejected labels.
  • Switch “OFF” the main electrical supply and air supply to the machine.
  • Record the operation, cleaning and maintenance details in the equipment log book as per SOP get it checked by production supervisor.

QA: Quality Assurance.
QC: Quality Control
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
No.: Number
Batch No.: Batch Number
Mfg. Date: Manufacturing Date
Exp. Date Expiry Date
L.E.D.: Light Emitting Diode


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