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SOP for Testing and Release of Packing Materials

To provide guidelines for testing and release of packing materials.

Testing of packing materials is done according to their respective Specifications.

Executive QA
Manager QA

  • After receiving the GI from the stores, Manager QA will arrange the sampling of the consignment. After sampling “UNDER TEST “label shall be pasted on the consignment.
  • The Executive QA / Jr. Executive responsible for the sampling is witnessed by another QA Executive
  • The samples will be tested by QA staff; the results of the tested samples should meet individual specification.
  • In case samples are found passing on border line, then exhaustive sampling will be done and sample will be retested. If necessary a line trails will be conducted for such samples to assess the machine ability of PM.
  • The results are to be documented in the PM report format (For DRL only) for record purpose.
  • In the case of rejection or borderline cases a meeting with the supplier through the purchase department and a deviation report is prepared for record purpose. And if used under deviation CONDITIONAL APPROVAL is authorized by G.M (Q.A) and Principal company incharge.
  • If the material is not usable the consignment shall be rejected “REJECTED” Sticker is affixed and informed to the warehouse for further necessary action. In the case of loan license the matter is intimated to their representative for further action.
  • For all the approved / rejected consignments the GI will be cleared after preparing the report and sent back to stores within 10 days with QA details duly filled & signed.
  • Approved / rejected stickers will be placed on the containers covering the under test status of the under test label which have the following details, material name, QA. No, Recheck on, sign and date.

As and when new consignment is received.

Packing materials analytical report.
Status labels.
DRL Report format for Packing material.


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