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HPLC Methods for Recently Approved Pharmaceuticals

An indispensable resource for busy researchers

Your time is valuable-too valuable to spend hunting through the technical literature in search of the right HPLC assay techniques for your projects. With HPLC Methods for Recently Approved Pharmaceuticals, you'll quickly identify and replicate the ideal procedures for your project needs, without having to refer to original source publications. More of your time can then be spent in the lab, not the library.

Covering the relevant world literature through 2003, this book picks up where Dr. Lunn's acclaimed HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis left off. It arms you with established HPLC assay techniques for hundreds of newly approved drugs, as well as drugs for which assay methods were only recently developed. Combining detailed descriptions of procedures with specially annotated references, this practical handbook gives you:
  • HPLC methods for 390 commonly prescribed pharmaceutical compounds
  • Various procedures for each drug listed together-making it easy to mix and match for customized approaches
  • Methods for drugs in biological fluids and for bulk and formulated drugs
  • Chemical structures, molecular weights and formulas, and CAS Registry Numbers
  • Cross-references to The Merck Index
  • Retention times of other drugs that can be assayed using the same methods


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