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SOP for Receipt, Storage and Dispatch of Finished Goods

To lay down a procedure for Receipt, storage and dispatch of finished goods.

This procedure applies to Warehouse Department of XYZ Limited.

  • Packing supervisor is responsible to transfer the finished goods to the warehouse.
  • The finished goods warehouse supervisor is responsible for receipt, storage and distribution of finished goods.
  • Finished goods warehouse in-charge or his designee is responsible to ensure the compliance
  • Packing supervisor shall transfer the finished goods to finished goods Warehouse along with “Finished Goods Transfer Intimation” (Refer Annexure No.-1) in duplicate.
  • Warehouse Supervisor shall check each Box/Shipper for details like Product Name, Strength, Batch No., Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, Quantity, Storage conditions etc...
  • Acknowledge the “Finished Goods Transfer Intimation” and retain original copy for records and hand over duplicate copy to Packing Supervisor.
  • Warehouse Supervisor shall make necessary entries in the “Stock Register for Finished Goods” (Annexure No.-2). If required palletize the finished goods.
  • Verify the quantity of product in the loose case against the Finished Goods Transfer Intimation
  • In case of any discrepancy observed in the apparent boxes of finished goods or in document i.e. Finished Goods Transfer Note, immediately intimate to you Head of the Department, Quality Assurance and production department. The finished goods are received after necessary rectification.
  • Ensure the transfer of finished goods is done the presence of warehouse assistant.
  • Transfer the finished goods through dedicated the elevator to the finished goods storage room.
  • Transfer the finished goods pack (stacked on the pallet) from elevator to finished goods storage room using the hand trolley.
  • Transfer the finished goods to Finished Goods Storage Room of warehouse and stack in its respective location.

  • Ensure the finished goods are stored under required storage conditions.
  • Ensure that the environmental conditions are maintained.
  • Ensure the finished goods are stored product / batch number wise so as to avoid the chances of mix-ups and for easy retrieval.
  • The pallets containing finished goods should be stacked and well segregated from the other products.
  • All finished goods received from production shall be kept in Quarantine area until tested and passed by Q.C department.

  • Warehouse personnel shall verify the customer Purchase Order / Delivery Order. And check the availability of the required quantity of the finished goods for dispatch.
  • Warehouse personnel shall ensure that the product is released by Q.A.
  • Issuing of finished goods must be done on order fallowing the First in first out basis (FIFO).
  • Prepare the Invoice, and other statutory documents if any.
  • Write the identification marks on all the packages as per the Documents prepared to identify the packages belongs to one consignment.
  • After completion of all the dispatch security personnel shall release the vehicle.
  • Supervise the loading activity in the presence of the security personnel.
  • Post the transaction in Finished goods stock record as per Annexure-3 Obtain the signature of Warehouse-In charge on the checklist for compliance and archive along with records in Warehouse.


Q.A : Quality Assurance
Q.C : Quality Control
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
W.H : Warehouse

Annexure No. – 1 - Finished goods transfer intimation
Annexure No. – 2 - Stock Register for Finished Goods
Annexure No. – 3 - Finished goods stock record


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