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SOP for Issuing of Packaging Materials

To lay down a procedure for the issue of approved packaging materials (printed and unprinted) for Production.

This procedure applies to Warehouse Department of XYZ Limited.

Warehouse personnel to follow the procedure.
Packing personnel to receipt of material.
Warehouse in charge to ensure the compliance.

  • Person In-charge of Packaging shall enter the quantity of each packaging material required for the batch, after deducting the excess quantity of packaging materials, if any, left out of the previous batch of the same product on the Batch Packing Record (BPR).
  • After entering all the details on BPR, Packaging In-charge shall forward the corresponding pages of the BPR to packing material warehouse.
  • The warehouse personnel shall enter the packaging material to be issued in the Material Bin Card against each packaging material on first in first out basis.
  • Collect individual, approved packing materials/containers/packs from the approved storage area onto pallets/trolleys.
  • Unprinted packaging material which is going to primary packaging area shall be issued in polybags and which are not going to primary packaging area shall be issued in entire unopened pack / containers and record actual quantity issue on BPR.
  • In case of labels, literature, printed cartons and printed foils, issue exact quantity by counting them manually or mechanically or by weight. If the material weighed, record the gross weight, tare weight and net weight in Batch Packaging Record.
  • The labels/ cartons shall be packed in closed containers and labeled with "Material Details”.
  • The quantity of packaging materials issued shall be counter checked by the QA Personnel.
  • Transfer the issued packaging materials to production with the “Batch Details" Label.
  • Enter the issued quantity of packaging materials in respective material bin card.
  • The Stores personnel shall handover a copy of the BPR, completed in all respects to the concerned personnel of packaging department and retain one copy.
  • In case any excess packaging material is to be drawn from Stores, person in charge of packaging shall indent the same through "Indent for Additional Quantity" after authorization by QA executive.
  • At the end of the campaign of product, production department shall return any excess uncoded packaging material to Stores through a "Material Return Note” (Annexure No.: 1).
  • Warehouse Personnel shall issue the returned packaging materials for the same product of next batch.


Q.A : Quality Assurance
Q.C : Quality Control
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
W.H : Warehouse

Annexure No. – 1 - Material Return Note


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