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SOP for Preventive and Routine Maintenance for Capsule Filling Machine

  1. To reduce down time.
  2. Reduce maintenance cost
  3. Obtain optimum machine performance and quality output.

  • The service covers general maintenance for long interval (yearly/monthly) and short intervals (daily/weekly.
  • Safety for equipment, operator and the product.

  1. Engineering department responsible for long and medium interval checks and maintenances.
  2. Operator, responsible short interval checks daily and weekly.
  3. Engineering manager, plant manager and other responsible authority for making equipment available for maintenance.

  • Check cleaning of coating pan daily.
  • Check tightness of motor fixing bolts monthly.
  • Check tightness of gear box fixing bolts monthly.
  • Check tightness of grub screw on coupling monthly.
  • Check tightness of bolt on pan mounting bass monthly.

  • Check/clean and tighten motor terminal box connections- monthly.
  • Check/clean, tighten of earth connection- monthly.

  • Check/replace oil in gear box (SAE 90) as per required.
  • Apply oil or grease on the leading of eye bolt and pins of hinges of drive plate- monthly.

Safety of Operator
  • Always use proper tools
  • Make certain there is no oil or water on the flow.
  • Make certain that electrical connections air connections are disconnected from source.
Safety of Equipment
  • Never over tighten bolts and nuts
  • Never under tighten bolts and nuts
  • Always tighten bolts and nuts in cooled sequence.
  • Make certain all connections are tightened before operating machine.
  • Before operating the machine make certain all moving parts are protected by guards. And guards are properly put in place.
  • Make certain machine alignment is perfect.
Safety of Contents
  • Always ensure the accuracy and case given to the installation and adjustments of various parts of the system is correct.
  • Always review safety as a reminder of the hazards which may be present when working with equipment and suppliers as there is no exception to the rule that the safe way is the right way.


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