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SOP for Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Rapid Mixer Granulator

  1. To reduce down time.
  2. To minimize breakdown time and maintenance costs of equipment to obtain optimum performance.

General maintenance for long intervals (yearly/monthly) and short intervals (weekly/daily). 

Maintenance personnel: Responsible for carrying out the maintenance work and rectifying any anomalies.
Operators: For carrying out daily routine checks and reporting to maintenance department for any unusual observations, vibrations and performance.
Production manager and production supervisors: For making machine available for maintenance in time before machine come to a standstill.

👉  Routine maintenance: Daily
Check the following prior to operating the machine
  • The inter-locking system. When the lid is open.
  1. Main motor will not operate.
  2. Chopper motor will not operate.
  3. Discharge valve will not operate.
  • Access panel on the machine base is properly secured.
  • The main impeller is properly mounted and bolted to the drive shaft.
  • The chopper is properly mounted and bolted to the drive shaft.
  • Sufficient air pressure is available to the shaft seals and the pneumatic cylinder of discharge valve (6 to 8) BART.
  • Excessive vibration or unusual sound from the machine or its control should be investigated and attended at once.

👉  Routine maintenance: Weekly
  • Check mixer cone impeller and chopper
  • Remove the impeller and chopper and thoroughly clean the shaft seal.
  • Replace the seal if excessive wear is observed.
  • Check and ensure that impeller and the chopper are neither too tightly fit on their respective shafts nor too loose.
  • Check operational of discharge valve,
👉  The rubber plunger seal is not loose and is in position to ensure an effective seal, if not replace.
👉  The plunger is opening and closing easily and movement does not take more than 3 seconds.
👉  The face of the plunger is sitting flush with the mixer cone internal and do not penetrate inside causing damage to the main blade.
  • Clean the filter cloth inside the dome of the lid.
  • Check all interlocking for proper functioning.
  • Grease all bearing in the motor with recommended grease.
  • Check gear box oil level; top it up with recommended oil (EP.90.)

👉  Check tightness of - Belts, Fastenings.

👉  Safety of the operator:
  • Always use proper tools; always pull the spanner to prevent possible slippage of wrench which could cause damage to corners on nuts, bolts, sockets, screws and possible injury to wounds.
  • A hoist is recommended for lifting anything weighing over 13kg.
  • Always use leg muscles when lifting objects/parts of machine. Mere back muscles.
  • Make certain there is no oil or water on the flow.
  • Always wear safety glass/goggles when using welding grasses, blazing and grinding.
  • Make certain that electrical connections, air connections are disconnected from source.
👉  Safety of equipment
  • Never over tighten bolts, nuts, screws, as this will affect or ruin machine parts.
  • Never under tighten bolts, nuts, screws as this will also ruin machine parts
  • Always tighten bots, nuts,
  • And screws in a correct sequence.
  • Make certain all connections are tightened before operating machine.
  • Before operating the machine make certain all moving parts are protected by guards. And guards are properly put in place.
  • Make certain machine alignment is ok.
👉  Safety of contents
Always ensure the accuracy and care given to the installation and adjustments of various parts of the system is correct.
Always review safety as a reminder of the hazards which may be present when working with equipment and suppliers as there is no exception to the rule that “the safe way is the right way”.

R.M.G- Rapid Mixer Granulator.
EP – Extreme pressure.


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