SOP for Preventive and Routine Maintenance for Wrappers Machine

To reduce downtime.
To minimize breakdown and maintenance cost of equipments.

The services cover for:
  1. General maintenance for long interval (yearly/monthly) and short intervals (monthly/weekly).
  2. Safety: safety of the operator, safety of the equipment and safety of contents.

Maintenance personnel: are responsible for medium and long interval checks.
Operators: for short interval checks.
Production Manager: for making machines available in time for scheduled maintenance programme to be followed. And safety is observed at all times.

Mechanical daily checks (short interval check).
  • Cleanliness, inspect all product contact change parts.
  • Operational check:
  • Check sealing pressure, cut of length record machine out-put, check temperature of sealing rollers, check feeding and dropping, check horizontal and vertical cutting.

Operational Check
  • Check sealing pressure, cut of length, check temperature of sealing rollers, check feeding and dropping, check horizontal and vertical cutting.

Mechanical checks monthly (medium and long interval checks.)
  • Tighten motor fixing bolt, gear box fixing bolt and gear box bearing brackets bolts.
  • Tighten main drive shaft bearing, housing bolts, cutter drive shaft bearing Housing bolts and shaft bearing bolts.
  • Check and tighten brush shaft housing bolts, tighten grub screw on main drive sprocket cutter drive bevel gear, roller drive shaft, sprocket and feed disc drive sprocket.
  • Tighten lock nuts on helical spur for disc drive and heater pipe collars.
  • Check belt-drive: check tension occasionally, if slack carried tension by adjusting motor flat form swing.
  • Bearings; inspect each twelve month and repack with clean, new grease. The old grease should first be removed.

Electrical Monthly Checks.
  • Main motor: Check/clean/tighten connection in motor terminal connections. 0/L relay remote control box on/inch/off push button element.
  • Heaters: Check/clean tighten connection in temperature controller (TIC), heater Terminals, toggle switch, ammeter terminal and pilot lamp terminals.
  • Vibrator: Check/clean/tighten 3 pin plug and socket terminals, vibrator control box terminal, toggle switch connection.
  • General: Check, terminal strip, neutral terminal, mains terminal and body earth connection.

Batch Printing Checks
  • Plain drums for free movement.
  • Condition of felt ink pad at the begging of each operation.
  • Printing impression- adjust accordingly
  • Lubrication stereo drum, felt drum, stationary roller drum bearing with light grease.

  • Daily lubrication, (oil lubrication SAE 30), cutter wedge block, release pin shaft foil holder, release pin guide assembly and foil running pipes.
  • Check and top-up oil in gear box weekly, replace gear box oil after 6 months use SAE 90 oil.
  • Greasing on weekly basis: Conveyer drives bearing housing, cutting main shaft bearing housing, grease with multipurpose grease. Grease cutter pilot pin, release pin activator cam shaft bearing housing, roller shaft bearing, and housing with heat resistant grease. Clean/ apply grease to all shaft, idlers, gears, sprockets, and chains with multipurpose grease.
  • All moving parts are in proper alignment and that guards are in place.

Safety of Contents
  • Safety of the products depends entirely on the accuracy and case given the installation and adjustments of the various parts of the system.
  • It is advisable to observe these three points during the service work.
  • Each will have a review of safety as a reminder of the hazards which may be present when working with the equipment and suppliers. There is no exception to the rule that the safe way is the right way.

TIC: Temperature indicator controller
SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers
O/L: Overload
M/C: Machine


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