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SOP for Preventive Maintenance for Double Rotary Tableting Machine

  • To reduce down time.
  • To minimize breakdown time and maintenance costs of equipments to obtain optimum performance.

To cover
  • General Maintenance for long interval yearly/monthly, weekly/daily and short intervals, lubrication, safety and precautions for Compression Machines.
  • Feeder maintenance and installation for Compression Machines.

Maintenance Personnel: To perform the checks and adjustment/ servicing, installation.
Operator: To perform checks, take precautions and report any anomalies to maintenance personnel i.e. abnormal noise, abnormal heating of motor leakage of pump, discharge of pump.

Upper cam track lighting side
  • Always make sure it has a bright polished surface on the portion of the tracks which comes in contact with the underside of upper punch heads.
  • Always make certain that upper punches are running free in the turret guide holes.
  • Always maintain that 30° angle is fairly well maintained.

Upper cam track lowering side
  • Always to have a bright polished surface on the portion of the track that comes in contact with the underside of the upper punch heads.
  • Ensure smooth free running of punches in turret guide holes.

Upper and lower pressure roll
  • The peripheral face should always be perfectly flat and smooth.
  • Always ensure correct type of lubrication is used.
  • Always use punches with correct punch heads.

Cam Ring
  • Always make certain it shows a polished surface.
  • Always ensure that the chafer is well lubricated with correct type of lubricate.
  • Ensure that upper punches are free.
  • Clean up – and eliminate cause of wear.

Top face of lower ejection cam
  • Ensure that punches a free in die holes.
  • Ensure correct lubrication and correct lubricate at all times.
  • Clean out wear marks by grinding and re-polishing.
  • Do not reduce the thickness of the cam by even a small amount of cm inch/mm and when cleaning out wear marks.


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