SOP for Preventive Maintenance for Screw Capping Machine

To have hassle-free performance and achieve designed output with acceptable quality from the machine.

To cover lubrication, daily check, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance checks and services.

Maintenance personnel for carrying out routine maintenance and checks.
Operators should be carrying out daily and weekly checks, lubrication and greasing.


Daily Maintenance
  • Check main supply (R, Y, B and N) daily.
  • Check for lubrication if any gear or moving parts system are dry.

Weekly Maintenance
  • Lubricate all moving parts, gears, and bushes with grease and oil.
  • Check alignment of all assembly.

Monthly Maintenance
  • Remove all covers and guards and clean the machine thoroughly.
  • Check all the nut-bolt fittings of the machine.
  • Check all electrical wire connections inside the control panel.
  • Check the machine for fine settings, and alignment and adjust if required.
  • Check the working of all electrical parts like the main switch, push buttons contractors, MCB etc., and replace immediately if required.

Quarterly Maintenance
  • Check the wear and tear of the parts.
  • Rectify alignment and replace worn parts if any.
  • Replace oil of the gearbox.
  • Inspect machine assemblies for wear and tear.


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