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SOP for Preventive Maintenance For Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

To obtain optimum performance.

To cover cleaning and general checks.

Maintenance Personnel: for carrying out weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenances.
Operators: for carrying out daily maintenance.

Daily Maintenance
  • Clean machine off products, bottles at the end of the day on shift.
  • Check main supply (R, Y, B, and N).
  • Check for lubrication if any moving parts requiring lubrication is dry.
Weekly Maintenance
  • Clean the machine thoroughly from in and out with clean cloth.
  • Lubricate all moving parts – gears, bushes
  • Check alignment of all assembly.

Monthly Maintenance
  • Remove all covers and guards and clean the machine thoroughly.
  • Check all the nut-bolt fittings of the machine.
  • Check all the knobs of the machine rest or replace if required.
  • Check all electrical wire connection inside the control panel.
  • Check machine for fine setting, alignment and adjust if required.
  • Check the working of all electrical parts like main switch, push buttons contractors, MCB etc. and replace immediately if required.
Quarterly Maintenance
  • Check wear and tear of the parts.
  • Rectify alignment and replace worn parts if any.
  • Replace oil of gear box.
  • Inspect machine assemblies for wear and tear


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