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SOP for Preventive Maintenance for DM Plant

To ensure operational qualifications and performance qualifications are achieved.

This SOP provides the guide for maintenance and Q.C for quality of the filtration plant.

Sand Filter/Carbon Filter
  • Inspect and replace all defective parts once a year.
  • Bolt and nuts should be greased to prevent corrosion and for facilitating easy removal during maintenance.
  • Once a year the carbon and sand beds must be given extended back wash
  • Inside surface of sand bed must be coated with black bituminous paint once a year.

Ion Exchange Unit
  • Inspect inside column every six months.
  • Unit must be given extended back wash with top cover open. Fine collection on the top of the resin surface should be scrapped off and fresh resin changed if necessary.
  • If deteriorating of the quality of final treated water form plant accompanied by long times for anions resins prepare alkaline brine solution and pour it in anion unit following the anion infection step.
  • After alkaline-brine wash, the anion column and perform regeneration operation.

Conductivity Analyzer
  • Ensure that water flows upward through the conductivity cell.
  • Ensure that the power outlet at site was a food.
  • Calibrate meter once every six months.


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