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SOP for Operation of Vibro Sifter

To lay down a procedure for operation of vibro sifter.

This procedure applies for production department in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities of XYZ Limited.

The concerned operator is responsible for implementation of the process.
The Production In-Charge is responsible for the execution and compliance of the procedure.

Pre Checks
  • Availability of trained operating personnel wearing clean uniform, gloves and nose mask.
  • Availability of power supply.
  • Availability of dispensed raw material.
  • Availability of clean SS container to collect sieved material.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of area and machine.

Machine Assembling
  • Place a gasket over main body, place the bottom drum assembly and clamp it.
  • Check and place the sieve of required mesh size as per product requirement over the bottom assembly and then place top drum assembly and clamp it.
  • Finally place top cover at top assembly and tight with the clamp.

  • Label the sifter and check for the line clearance.
  • Put ON the switch and starts the Sifter.
  • Check for the abnormal noise, if yes then switch OFF the machine and rectify it by tightening the clamps.
  • Place SS container lined with polyethylene bag below the discharge chute and retention chute.
  • Affix the proper label on container.
  • Put sifter On, proceed for continues operation.
  • Charge the material that is to be sifted on the top assembly though inlet and collect the sifted material through discharge chute and retention chute into the respective containers.
  • After finishing of the operation put OFF the mains.
  • Follow the BMR instruction for sieve size and sequence of material sifting.
  • Note: Integrity of sieve must be checked before and completion of sifting activity against light.
  • All the operation details shall be entered in the equipment usage log.

SOP : Preparation, Approval and Control of Standard Cleaning Procedures for equipment.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
P.D : Production



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