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SOP for Operation of Dispensing Booth

To lay down a procedure for operation of dispensing booth.

Applicable for Operation of Raw material dispensing booth in Warehouse.

The Ware house staff is responsible for implementation of the process.
The Quality assurance (Dispensing Chemist) is responsible for the execution of the procedure.
The Warehouse manager has to ensure the compliance.

Operational Procedure
  1. All the Dispensing Activities are carried out in presence of QA personnel.
  2. Ensure the Dispensing booth should be in on condition.
  3. Ensure that area and dispensing booth is clean and free from any visible traces of powder residues. Verify the “Cleaned” label.
  4. Switch ON the Mains of Laminar Air Flow and Lights.
  5. Ensure the balance is clean and calibrated.
  6. Ensure that Differential pressures are with in the limits i.e. Limit for 0.3 µ: 10 – 15 mm of water Limit for 5µ: 2-4mm of water and record the differential pressures in Annexure-01.
  7. Keep all the cleaned material dispensing aids and cleaned pallets close to dispensing booth.
  8. Spread fresh & clean poly bag in the floor to take care that any material spilled over during the dispensing.
  9. Ensure the availability of all dispensing aids like, fresh poly bag, cable ties and other accessories for opening & sealing of container / packs.
  10. Proceed for dispensing of material as per SOP of Dispensing of Raw materials.
  11. After completion of weighing operation, ensure to close / pack the containers properly and identified with dispensing material tag.
  12. Ensure left over material containers are packed properly.
  13. Shift the dispensed material to the dispensed material hold area and ensure to place the material on cleaned pallets.

Shut down Procedure
  1. After operation affix "To be cleaned” status label on the on the Dispensing Booth.
  2. Ensure that the dispensed material have been removed from the dispensing area.
  3. After completion of dispensing operation switch OFF the Laminar Air Flow.
  4. Switch OFF balance and Lights.
  5. After completion of dispensing activity, keep all the dispensing tools in a poly bag and transfer them to wash area.
  • All the dispensed batches details shall be entered in the Dispensing log Annexure-01.

SOP for Dispensing of materials

Q.A : Quality Assurance
Q.C : Quality Control
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
W.H : Warehouse

Format of Dispensing Booth & Room cleaning record


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