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SOP for Issuance Procedure of Materials

To lay down a procedure for issuance of materials.

This procedure applies to Warehouse Department of XYZ Limited.

Raw material warehouse personnel to follow the procedure.
Dispensing chemist is responsible for the execution of the procedure.
Warehouse in charge to ensure the compliance.

  • All departments shall send their requisitions one day prior to their actual requirements and all such requisitions must be given before 4:00 PM so that the Warehouse Supervisor shall plan his schedule for the next day and issuance shall start the following day at 8:30 AM No issue shall be made after 1.00 PM unless for exceptional cases.
  • Labels shall be issued by Quality Assurance as per the label issuance SOP No.
  • Materials approved after analysis / inspection shall be entered on a material bin card. Each batch of material shall have its own material bin card. The following information shall be entered on a bin card. Material name, standard, batch number, code number, date of acquisition, G.R.Note number and opening balance.
  • The requisition slip shall state clearly the requesting department, product for which the material is to be used, its code number, batch number, mfg date, exp. date, batch size and a clearly defined list of materials required for the operation.
  • The Warehouse department after cross checking for the closing balances on material bin cards and quantities required shall issue materials for dispensing. Only the containers bearing the “PASSED” label shall be issued to the dispensary.
  • Materials shall be issued on First in First Out basis (FIFO) except in the case of those with short shelf life in which case the First to Expire First out (FEFO) rule will supersede FIFO.
  • Upon dispensing, the quantities issued shall be entered and reconciled on material bin cards by the Warehouse in charge.
  • The dispensed materials shall be labeled and assembled in a suitably sized container or transfer to production area and accompanied by an issue slip in the prescribed.
  • After consumption of a full batch of material, a reconciliation of the closing balance should not exceed ± 2% otherwise the warehouse shall inform Q.A. to make an investigation.
  • The warehouse in charge shall determine the re-order level of each material and make orders at an appropriate time, bearing in mind the lag between ordering and receipt.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
Q.C : Quality Control
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
W.H : Warehouse
R.M : Raw materials



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