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SOP for Cleaning Procedure of In-Process Containers and Accessories

To lay down a procedure for cleaning of In-process containers and accessories.

This procedure applicable to all the accessories and in process container used in the production area.

The concerned operator is responsible for implementation of the process.
The In-Charge is responsible for the execution and compliance of the procedure.

Cleaning procedure of in-process containers
  • After usage of the in process container replace the label with “TO BE CLEANED” label.
  • Transfer the container to washing room.
  • Remove the “TO BE CLEANED” label.
  • Clean the container by wiping with lint free duster, from outside.
  • Clean the container with potable water using lint free duster.
  • Rinse with purified water.
  • Dry the container with lint free duster.
  • Ensure putting back the same lid to the container.
  • Label it as “CLEANED” with checked by sign and date.
  • In case of product change over: Clean the containers with potable water / liquid soap.
  • Rinse with potable water till the soap removes.
  • Finally rinses the container with purified water.
  • Follow the points from 7 to 9.

Cleaning Procedure of Accessories
  • Keep all the accessories on a SS Table trolley and label the trolley as ‘TO BE CLEANED’ and transfer the trolley in the washing area. Clean the accessories as per the following procedure.
  • Dry all the accessories using dry lint free cloth and keep them on SS Table trolley.
  • Remove ‘TO BE CLEANED’ label and affix ‘CLEANED’ to the trolley.
  • Keep the accessories in a polyethylene bag and put the ‘CLEANED’ label.

SOP : Preparation, Approval and Control of Standard Cleaning Procedures for equipment.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
SCP : Standard Cleaning Procedure
No. : Number
P.D : Production



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