SOP for Cleaning Procedure for Dispensing Area and Dispensing Booth

To lay down a procedure for cleaning the dispensing area and sampling area.

Applicable for cleaning of Raw material dispensing area and dispensing booth in warehouse.

The Ware house staff is responsible for implementation of the process.
The Quality assurance (Dispensing Chemist) is responsible for the execution of the procedure.
The Warehouse manager has to ensure the compliance.

  • General cleaning of Dispensing Room and Dispensing Booth takes place every day in the morning and the same shall be recorded in the department cleaning log.
  • The cleaning activities of Active/Inactive Material Dispensing Booth and dispensing room is described below under the frequencies like daily and weekly checks.
  • Cleaning activities of Dispensing Booth are as follows:
  1. Dispensing Booth is cleaned immediately after the complete dispensing of one Active / Inactive Raw material.
  2. If the same material is to be issued for more than one batch of the same product, the Dispensing Booth will be cleaned only after the complete dispensing of that material for all the batches.
  3. Before cleaning the Dispensing cubicle, ensure that all the dispensing tools, Materials and left over containers are removed.
  4. Switch off the weighing balance and Dispensing Booth.
  5. Clean top and behind surfaces of the Booth, Grills, Balance Platform with Vacuum cleaner following Dry mop with cloth. Wet mop with 70% IPA after completion of all materials dispensing.
  6. Record the cleaning activities of Dispensing booth as given in Annexure: 01.
  7. Affix status label indicating the cleaning status and previous Product/Material dispensed.

  • Cleaning activities of Dispensing Room are as follows:
  1. Dispensing Room is cleaned immediately after the completion of one batch of product.
  2. In case of dispensing for more than one batch of the same product the cleaning of Dispensing room will be followed after total completion of the batches.
  3. Before cleaning ensure the Dispensing Room is free from material and left over containers.
  4. Clean the entire Dispensing Room with Vacuum Cleaner.
  5. Wet mop the entire area by using Disinfectant solution.
  6. Wet mop the doors and glass panes after completion of total dispensing activity with 70% IPA.
  7. Record the cleaning activity as per Annexure: 01.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
Q.C : Quality Control
R.M : Raw materials
W.H : Warehouse
No. : Number
SOP : Standard operating procedure
IPA : Iso propyl alcohol
SS : Stain less steel

Format of Dispensing Booth & Room cleaning record


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