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United States Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplements Compendium 2015

The Dietary Supplements Compendium contains comprehensive specifications, established methods, and industry information helpful for producing and authenticating the quality of dietary supplements and their ingredients. Manufacturers and suppliers will find the DSC especially useful for:

  1. Developing, manufacturing, and testing new products
  2. Qualifying raw materials
  3. Preparing for internal QC and GMP audits
  4. Reference tables, charts, and guidance documents from the US FDA, US FTC, APHA, and industry
  5. Conducting in-process and batch-release tests
  6. Accurately packaging, labeling, and storing products

Key Features of the new edition include:

  1. 75 new dietary supplement monographs--nearly 500 in all--from USP 38-NF 33 through the First Supplement.
  2. 27 new General Chapters
  3. More than 175 excipient monographs
  4. Over 200 Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) monographs
  5. More than 40 new and revised DSC admission evaluations
  6. Includes over 150 added pages of color plates and illustrations

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