SOP for Preventive & Routine Maintenance of Strip Packing Machine

To reduce downtime.
To minimize breakdown time and maintenance cost of equipment to obtain optimum performance.

The service covers general maintenance for long interval (yearly/monthly) and short intervals (daily/weekly.

Engineering Technicians: responsible for monthly and yearly interval check.
Operators: responsible for daily and weekly check.
Assistant Manager Engineering, Production Manager, and Production Supervisors: responsible for making machine available for preventive maintenance in time.

Routine Maintenance Daily
Check the following prior to operating the machine.
  1. Inspect and clean product contact parts: hopper, chutes, release pin, bowl.
  2. Inspect and clean foil running shafts, sealing rollers.
  3. Check/record speed of machine output and temperature of sealing rollers.
  4. Check vibrator operation, feeding, vertical and horizontal cuttings adjust if necessary.

Routine maintenance weekly
  1. Checks, cutter assembly guide bolts, tighten if loose.
  2. Check grub screw on cutter drive bevel gear set, tighten if loose.
  3. Check connection in dimmer-state, heater terminals and body earth connections tighten if loose.

Monthly preventive maintenance (long interval checks).
  1. Check, motor fixing bolts, gearbox fixing bolts, gear box bearing brackets bolts, main drive shaft housing bolts and cutter drive bolts, tighten if loose.
  2. Check cam shaft bearing housing bolts, brush shaft housing bolts, grub screw on roller shaft drive sprocket, and tighten if loose.
  3. Check, grub screw on feed disc drive sprocket, feed disc-drive shaft bearing housing, check lock nut on helical spur for disc drive, feed chute holder bracket bolts, brush shaft gears and sprocket grub, screws – tighten if loose.
  4. Check/tighten heater pipe collars.
  5. Check/tighten foil holder bracket bolts, check/tighten brake band.

Monthly (long interval) checks.
  1. Check/clean/tighten connections in motor terminal box, motor contactor O/L remote control box on/inch/off button elements.
  2. Check/clean/tighten vibrator parts, socket terminal, control box terminal, control switch, replace if necessary.

General Electrical
  1. Check terminal strip, neutral, mains and body switch connections

  1. Cutter wedge block – daily
  2. Release pin shaft bush – daily
  3. Foil holder pipes assembly – weekly
  4. Release pin guide assembly – weekly.
  5. Foil holder pipes – weekly.
  6. Check and top up oil in gear box.
  7. Replace oil in gear box after 1000hours of operation.

  • Check, clean, grease, conveyer, drive bearing housing – multipurpose grease.
  • Check, clean, grease cutting shaft main housing bearing, main shaft bearing, cutter center pivot pin, release pin actuator arm – multipurpose grease.
  • Check, clean, grease cam shaft bearing housing, roller shaft bearing housing: - Heat resistant grease.
  • Clean and apply grease to all shaft, idlers, gears and sprockets, chains with – multipurpose grease.


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