SOP for Operation Procedure for Melting Point Apparatus

To lay down the procedure for the Operation of the Melting Point Apparatus for better and error free use

This procedure is applicable for Melting Point Apparatus, installed in Quality Control Department.

Execution : Chemist and above - QC department.
Checking : Asst. Manager and above - QC department.

  • Fill the capillaries with the sample powder for melting point determination or mini test tubes with sample liquid in case of boiling point determination.
  • Insert the capillaries / mini test tubes through their appropriate openings on the right hand side of the vessel.
  • Switch on the power supply and illumination.
  • Adjust the stirrer speed to its lowest and increase it gradually.

  • Adjust the heating control gradually to get a rate of increase of 30C / minute initially and 10C/minute in the vicinity of the expected melting/boiling point.
  • Observe the substance in the capillaries / mini test tubes through the magnifier.
  • When the substance starts melting or bubbles start forming, push the ‘DISPLAY HOLD SWITCH’ and note down the reading on the digital display.
  • Switch OFF the apparatus and allow it to cool.

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
Q.A : Quality Assurance
No. : Number
Q.C : Quality control
Dept. : Department


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