Japanese Pharmacopoeia 17th Edition

The Japanese Pharmacopoeia 17th edition (JP XVII) English translation is fully endorsed by the society of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia. It defines the specifications, criteria and standard test methods necessary to properly ensure the quality of medicines in Japan. 

The Japanese language edition was effective from 1st April 2016. 
Key features: 
  1. General Notices, 
  2. General Rules for Crude Drugs, 
  3. General Rules for Preparations: revised and expanded. 
  4. Official monographs: 76 new monographs and 473 revised monographs. 
  5. General tests, processes and apparatus: 23 new standards and 10 revised standards. 
  6. Infrared reference spectra: 21 new spectra and 2 revised spectra. 
  7. Ultraviolet-visible reference spectra: 14 new spectra and 2 revised spectra 

This title supersedes the Japanese Pharmacopoeia 16th edition (ISBN 9784840812023), as well as JP 16th edition Supplement I (ISBN 9784840812382) and JP 16th edition Supplement II (ISBN 9784840812832). 
The JP aims to: 
  1. Include all drugs which are important from the viewpoint of health care and medical treatment. 
  2. Make qualitative improvements by introducing the latest science and technology. 
  3. Promote internationalization. Make prompt partial revisions as necessary and facilitate smooth administrative operation. Ensure transparency regarding the revision, and dissemination the JP to the public.

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