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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology

The Second Edition presents all pharmaceutical industry personnel and those in academia with critical updates on the recent advances in granulation technology and changes in FDA regulatory guidelines. Addressing precisely how these recent innovations and revisions affect unit operation of particle generation and granulation, this text assists the reader in selecting the ideal technology for his/her company’s particular drug delivery system. This knowledge helps ensure that regulatory guidelines are followed and met in a cost-effective manner.

Here are just a few of the new topics discussed in this revised and expanded handbook:
  • Spray drying
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnologically derived drugs
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Controlled release drugs
  • Particle engineering
  • Supercritical fluids
  • Concepts of design space
  • Process optimization
  • Regulation harmonization by global health authorities
  • Process control expert systems
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Regulatory issues in granulation

In addition, all chapters in the Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology explore the fundamentals of powder characterization, granulation, and state-of-the-art technologies, modeling, application of expert systems, and manufacturing optimization.

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