SOP for Operation of Capsule Polishing Machine

To lay down a procedure for the operation of the capsule polishing machine.

This procedure applies for the production department in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities of XYZ Limited, Formulation division.

The operator is responsible for the implementation of the process.
The In-Charge is responsible for the execution of the procedure.

Assemble the clean and dry accessories in the following manner:
  • Polishing brush to the shaft with clamps provided at both ends.
  • Polishing cloth to the two halves of the polishing chamber.
  • Vacuum the chute to the lower half of the polishing chamber.
  • Upper and lower half polishing chamber.
  • Hopper assembly and slitter guards.
  • Conveyer belt side guards and capsule guides.

  • Ensure that all parts of the machine are cleaned as per standard cleaning procedure.
  • Load filled capsules in hopper.
  • Switch on the mains of the machine, put on the tube light, and start the vacuum, brush drive and belt.
  • Adjust flow of capsules on the conveyer belt by increasing/decreasing gap between the acrylic plate and the Conveyer belt.
  • Adjust speed of the polishing brush by moving the variable pulley clockwise/anticlockwise to get the required polishing quality.
  • After completion of the operation, stop the conveyer belt then brush drive and vacuum and lastly the tube light and mains of the machine.
  • Inspect and remove capsules that are defective due to:
  1. Knocked ends & Crack/squashed shells.
  2. Spots, Empty shells, and Improper printing.

  • Remove the powder collection trays and sieves of the hopper.
  • Remove the slitter guards and hopper assembly from the hopper mounting shaft by losing the side knobs.
  • Remove the capsule transfer chute (lower and upper).
  • Remove the upper and lower half of the polishing chamber.
  • Remove the vacuum chute from the lower polishing chamber.
  • Remove the guards of the conveyer belt and capsule guides.
  • Remove the vacuum filter bag from the vacuum can.
  • Clean the machine and dismantled parts as per standard cleaning procedure.
  • All the operation details shall be entered in the equipment usage log.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
P.D : Production



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