SOP for Hydraulic Pellet Press

To lay down the procedure for the Operation of the Hydraulic Pellet Press for better and error-free use

This SOP is applicable for the Hydraulic Pellet Press installed in Quality Control Department at XYZ Limited.

Execution : Chemist and above – QC department.
Checking : Asst. Manager and above – QC department

Operational Procedure
  • Left the front safety screen
  • Place the die at the center of the piston top plate
  • Lower the screw by rotating the knob wheel clockwise, until the screw punch touches the top of the die
  • Reconfirm that the die is at the center of the piston top plate as well as the screw-punch & lower the front safety screen.
  • Shut the release knob by rotating it clockwise (while looking from the right-hand side of the press)
  • Insert the handle lever into the handle of the pump unit.
  • Operate the pump by raising and lowering the handle lever until the desired pressure in Tones is seen on the pressure gauge
  • After the desired holding time has elapsed, release the pressure by rotating the release knob anti-clockwise.
  • Raise the screw by rotating the knob wheel anti-clockwise (While looking from the top)
  • Lift the front safety screen & remove the die from the press.

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  • Always insure that the safety screen is in a closed position before operating the press. Before opening the screen, make sure that the pressure in the system has been fully released.
  • Do not apply more than 15 Tons of pressure at any time. Red marking has been provided to indicate the danger zone.
  • Always confirmed that the die is placed at the center of the piston top plate.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
Q.C: Quality control



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