SOP for Cleaning Procedure of Double Cone Blender

To lay down a procedure for cleaning of double cone blender.

This procedure applies to the production department in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities of XYZ Limited, Formulation division. This procedure covers the cleaning of double-cone blender.

The beta-lactam concerned operator is responsible for the implementation of the process.
The In-Charge is responsible for the execution and compliance of the procedure.

Type “A” Cleaning Procedure (Batch to Batch Change Over):
  • Switch ‘OFF’ the electrical mains of the blender.
  • Remove all powder from the blender by inverting it and tapping if need be. Wipe the surface with a clean free duster. Clean the floor, walls and glass partition with liquid soap and rinse with clean water. Attach a status label to indicate that the machine has been ‘CLEANED’.

Type “B” Cleaning Procedure (Product to Product Change Over):
  • Disconnect the equipment from the electrical main supply.
  • Remove the lid by unclamping the nuts.
  • Keep the blender in a vertical position and keep a container double lined with polythene below it.
  • Clean the container internally & externally with liquid soap. Drain all the water from the bottom lid and rinse with Purified Water BP.
  • Clean the lid & gasket with water and liquid soap and then rinse with Purified Water BP.
  • Finally rinse blender and all parts with Purified Water BP and dry it with lint free duster.
  • Clean the floor, walls and glass partitions of the department with liquid soap and rinse with clean water.
  • Assembling- Fix the cleaned gasket, lid to the blender. Fix the cleaned label after checking the cleanliness of the blender duly sign by the production officer. Cover the clean blender with an appropriate cloth body cover.
  • If the cleaned machine is not used within 24 hours or there are signs of dust or powder settled on the outside surface then the exterior of the equipment should be wiped with wet duster followed by dry duster.
  • All the cleaning details shall be entered in the equipment cleaning log.

Q.A : Quality Assurance
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
No. : Number
P.D : Production



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