SOP for Behavior at Work Place

To lay down a procedure for behavior in Quality Control Department

This SOP shall be applicable to all persons working in Quality Control Department at XYZ Limited

Execution: All persons working in Quality Control Laboratory.
Checking: Chemist and above – QC department.

  • Keep working places neat and clean.
  • Follow the general instructions laid down by the department head.
  • Wear appropriate clothing as per the current SOP.
  • Follow safety guidelines as per instructions given by manufacturers on container labels, while performing hazardous tests / handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Carry out the analysis as per their respective approved specification & standard test procedure
  • Follow all respective SOPs and STPs during the analysis.
  • Follow the MSDS of chemicals that are available in the chemical analysis room, before performing an analysis of hazardous chemicals /materials.
  • Handle the hazardous and toxic chemicals very carefully as per respective SOPs.
  • Follow GLP and fill all related records online while performing analysis, properly in respective annexures/records.
  • Before starting any analysis check the expiry of volumetric solutions/chemicals/reagents/ Instrument calibration due date etc.
  • Always place back all reagents/chemical bottles to their proper places after use.
  • Used glassware shall be removed immediately from the working platform & placed properly in a tray assigned for used glassware & “glassware for working”. Avoid the use of cracked / broken glassware and should be discarded without ignorance.
  • Always draw the attention of the in charge in case of finding any damage on eligible reagent/chemical bottle labels during working. Such labels shall be replaced.
  • Always handle sensitive equipment like the Analytical balance very gently.

  • Take care to protect the data sheet against any damage/spillage during work.
  • Do not eat drink, chew, and smoke at the workplace.
  • Do not horseplay and chitchat in the laboratory.
  • Avoid offensive behavior on the job.
  • Respect your co–workers.
  • Maintain discipline at all places & move carefully in the Laboratory.
  • Instruments should be switched off immediately after use.
  • Working places near the instruments should be immediately cleaned using tissue paper.
  • Always take initiative and have a helping nature when someone finds difficulty in handling chemicals.
  • Maintain records of calibration, log books, and records of chemicals and reagents on a daily basis.
  • Make a habit of viewing chemicals and reagents to ensure that they are properly labeled.

SOPs : Standard Operating Procedures
No. : Number
STPs : Standard Test Procedures
MSDS : Material Safety Data Sheet
QC : Quality Control
GLP : Good Laboratory Practices



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