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Diagnostics Tips and Tricks for Loss of Precision in HPLC

 What is precision in HPLC?

The two most important elements of a chromatographic test method are accuracy and precision. Accuracy is a measure of the closeness of the experimental value to the actual amount of the substance in the matrix. Precision measures of how close individual measurements are to each other.

Loss of Precision

  • Check loss of precision is for all peaks in the chromatogram: If it is only for some of them does not seem a injector problem
  • Check if reproducibility lack is for areas or also for Retention times: Check for leaks
  • Check injection volume and sample concentration: Don´t overload the column
  • Check injector wash solvents. Are appropriate for the method?
  • Check injection volume is inside system specifications
  • Are area values erratic or are increasing or decreasing?
  • Injector problem. Pass injector test
  • It is important to have a system suitability to check the system.

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