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SOP for Analyst Qualification

To lay down a procedure for Qualifying the Analyst before assigning them the analytical work 

This SOP shall be applicable for Qualification of Analyst in Quality Control Department of XYZ Limited. 

Execution – Chemist and above -QC Department 
Checking - Asst. Manager and above - QC Department 

  • Identify approved Raw Material and Finish Product . 
  • Keep the record i.e Name of analyst, material /product Name, Batch No./ A.R. No, Code No., test to be performed and instrument used, analytical value of sample with initial and present value etc as per Annexure – 2. 
  • Assign appropriate code No. to each sample identified for qualification as, XX/NNN 
             XX – AQ 
             NNN – Serial Number (For example 001). 
  • Give sample for analysis appropriately coded in polybags/glass vials to Analyst. 
  • Provide detail Standard Test Procedure to Analyst. 
  • Evaluate the Analyst either two or more, in following areas of analysis. 
  1. Assay (Analysis to be carried out in triplicate) 
  2. Dissolution 
  3. Identification by IR Spectrophotometer (Analysis to be carried out in triplicate) 
  4. Related Substances/ Residual Solvents 
  • Evaluate the Analyst for one or more of the following analytical method 
  1. HPLC 
  2. U.V. Spectrophotometer 
  3. Titration (By Autotitrator) 
  4. IR Spectrophotometer 
  • Evaluate the capability of the Analyst in terms of its precision to perform the tests and GLP followed by the Analyst. 
  • The capability to perform tests by Analyst shall be considered satisfactory if the results reported by the Analyst.  
  1. Are within the acceptable limits as per Annexure - 1 
  2. The Analyst complies with GLP. 
  3. Documents the results as per requirement. 

  • Acceptance Limit for Qualification 
  1. In case of assay for Raw material and Finished Product, compare all three results with previous Results and find out RSD of all four results. The limit for RSD shall not be more than 1% for Raw Material and not more than 2% for Finished Product. 
  2. In case of Dissolution, compare the results with the previous result and deviation between the two results (mean) should be in the range of ± 5% for that approved batch. 
  3. In case of IR analysis spectra shall match with Reference Spectra or with the IR spectra obtained from reference / working standard. 
  4. Qualify each new Analyst before assigning the job of analysis in the area of work given to them. 
  • After analysis collect all data for analysis and enter Batch no. / ARD No. of the given sample in Annexure - 1 
  • Keep the details like calculations, chromatograms, and strip chart along with comments of Department Head in training file to be maintained separately for each Analyst. 
  • Requalify the analyst if the results reported by the analyst do not pass the Acceptance Limit for Qualification. 
  • New sample is again given to the analyst with proper coding and repeat the above steps. 
  • Do not allot subjected work until he or she is qualified. 
  • Maintain records related to Training / Re-training and Re-qualification in training file.  

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure 
No. : Number 
IR : Infra Red Spectrophotometer 
U.V. : Ultraviolet 
GLP : Good Laboratory Practices 
Asst. : Assistant 
HPLC : High Performance Liquid Chromatography 
A.R. No. : Analytical Report Number 
RSD : Relative Standard Deviation 

Annexure - 1 : Qualification of Analyst 
Annexure - 2 : Format for Detail Record of Analyst Qualification 

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