SOP for Operation of Water Bath

To lay down procedure for Operation of the instrument for better and error free use 

This SOP is applicable for water bath installed in Quality Control Department at XYZ Limited.

Execution : Chemist and above – QC department. 
Checking : Asst. Manager and above – QC department 

  • Open the lid and fill D.M. water up to 3/4 th height of the bath and close it. 
  • Switch ‘ON’ the mains and switch on the instrument. 
  • Red light will glow in the mains and yellow light in the heating. 
  • Set the Temperature with the help of Temperature control knob by rotating clockwise and anticlockwise. 
  • Monitor the temperature with the help of glass thermometer and after achieving the required temperature, open the lid and keep the sample flask on the water bath for the required time period. 
  • On completion take out the flask from the water bath and cover the water bath with the lid. 
  • Switch ‘OFF’ the mains. 

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure 
Q.C : Quality control 

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