SOP for Receipt and Handling of Laboratory Samples

To describe the procedure for receipt and handling of laboratory samples. 

This procedure applies to receipt and handling of laboratory samples. 

  • The Quality Control Executive/Microbiologist is responsible for following the procedure precisely. 
  • The Assistant Manager QC and /or QA Manager are to ensure that this procedure is adhered to without deviation. 

  • Once sampling is done, the samples must be brought to the laboratory immediately for analysis. 
  • Raw materials samples should always be accompanied by a completed sampling report. 
  • All intermediate products samples to be accompanied by a report for physical tests. 
  • Record the product name, quantity, the batch number, date received, the person who brought the sample and the one who received in the samples register. 
  • All samples should be handed over to the Assistant Manager-QC or his/her designate and ensure that they have been recorded in the samples register and a person has been assigned to work on them. 
  • Assign a control number for each sample in the registers provided. 
  • Store the samples in a safe, lockable place where they will not be tampered with, those requiring special storage conditions should be stored as such. 
  • Maximum residence time for samples before analysis is two weeks, unless otherwise justified. 
  • A sample which is enough for one chemical/microbiology test must be issued to the designated analyst and remaining should be kept in the analysed samples storage compartment. 


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