SOP for Handling of Rejected Materials

To lay down a procedure for handling of rejected materials in warehouse. 

This procedure applies to Warehouse Department.

Raw material warehouse personnel to follow the procedure. 
Warehouse in charge to ensure the compliance. 

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  • Any material that does not conform to approved specifications shall stand rejected. 
  • Quality Control Manager shall reject the material by signing on the Analysis report and respective Goods receipt Note (GRN). 
  • Quantity rejected and reason for rejection shall be entered on the GRN by Quality Control Manager. 
  • The concerned Quality Control Personnel shall label the container with 'Rejected' label and handover the copies of GRN and a copy of the Analysis report to Warehouse In-charge. 
  • Warehouse personnel shall weigh the rejected material(s) and enter under the column of ‘Qty rejected’ on the respective Raw Material Quarantine Register. 
  • Rejected material shall be transferred, from Quarantine area to Rejected Materials storage area. 
  • Purchase department shall inform the supplier/manufacturer about the rejection of the material and reasons for rejection. 
  • Rejected materials that are rejected on retesting / in process / damaged during handling shall be rejected. 
  • Details about rejected material shall be entered in the register for Rejected material.
  • Details about rejected material shall be entered in the rejected material note. 
Q.A - Quality Assurance 
Q.C - Quality Control 
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
No. - Number 
W.H - Warehouse 
GRN - Goods receipt note 

Annexure 1 - Rejected material note : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Annexure 2 - Rejected material register 

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