SOP for Cleaning Procedure for Analytical Balances

To lay down the procedure for cleaning of analytical balances. 

This SOP shall be applicable for all Analytical Balances, installed in Quality Control Laboratory.
Execution : Chemist and above-QC department 

Frequency: Daily 
  • Switch “OFF” the Instrument. 
  • Switch “OFF” the Mains. 
  • Open the sliding doors of the balance and remove the pan which is inside the balance. 
  • Remove the dust and powder with the help of a soft brush. Soak the tissue paper in Isopropyl alcohol and squeeze out the Isopropyl alcohol and clean the balance to remove oily substance or any spot inside the balance. 
  • Finally clean it with tissue paper and let it dry in air. Care to be taken for proper drying during use of isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Clean the outer surface with tissue paper wetted with Isopropyl alcohol then clean with dry tissue paper. 
  • Also clean the sliding doors of analytical balances by Isopropyl alcohol then with dry tissue paper.  
  • After cleaning and drying, close the sliding doors of the analytical balances and check the level of balances. 
  • After cleaning, restart the balances and recalibrate it as per the current version of SOP.
  • After completion of cleaning of the balances, record the cleaning details in instrument log card as per current version of SOP. 
  • Place the ‘self indicating’ coarse silica gel inside balance 
  • If the colour of the silica gel changes from blue to pink, regenerate the silica gel by keeping it in oven for some time till it gets blue colour again. 

Operation and calibration procedure for analytical balances 
Use of Instrument Log Card for Instrument / Equipment Status 

SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
Q.C - Quality control 
No - Number 

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