SOP for Procedure for Intimation to QC Department about Retest of Raw Materials

To lay down a procedure for Intimation to the Quality control department about retest date of raw materials. 

This procedure applies to Warehouse Department Formulation division. 

  • Raw material warehouse personnel to follow the procedure. 
  • The Quality Control Chemist is responsible for the sampling of the Re-Test materials. 
  • Warehouse in charge and Production In-Charge to ensure the compliance. 

Re-test date of a raw material is the month one year from the period after the initial Q.C. release date. These are the dates when the raw materials have to be re-analyzed to establish continued compliance with specifications. 

  • As soon as the Q.C. raw material passing slip (GRN) comes to the warehouse, the Warehouse in-charge shall check for the retest date given on the goods receipt note. 
  • In the stock register, against that material whose Q.C. passing slip (GRN) was assigned, the Warehouse in-charge shall enter the re-test date in the appropriate column. 
  • In a separate book, the warehouse in-charge shall write down the re-test dates in sequence, listing materials applicable to that month against it. So every month at a glance the Warehouse in-charge will easily know in advance the re-test dates.  
  • At least two weeks in advance, the Warehouse in-charge shall make a sample drawing request to inform the Q.C. department about materials due for re-tests. 


Q.A - Quality Assurance 
Q.C - Quality Control 
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
No. - Number 
W.H - Warehouse 

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