SOP for Transfer and Receipt of Finished Goods From Production To Warehouse

  1. To provide a procedure for transfer and receipt of finished goods from Production to Warehouse. 
  2. To ensure that correct information of the product such as Product Name, Quantity, Batch Number, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date is verified before transfer to Finished Goods Quarantine. 
The procedure shall be performed each time a product is being transferred from the Packing line to Finished Goods Warehouses. 

  1. Packing line supervisor shall transfer the finished goods as per this SOP. 
  2. Warehouse personnel shall receive the finished goods as per this SOP. 
  3. The QA Manager, Plant Manager and Warehouse Manager shall ensure that the procedure is correctly performed. 
  • Packing Supervisor should record the relevant information on the Finished Goods Transfer (FGT) note namely; Product Name, Batch Number, Description, Quantity and Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date, after verifying the same. 
  • The QC Executive shall physically verify the quantities and details on FGT note and sign for it. 
  • The Warehouse Personnel to physically verify the quantities on FGT and sign and transfer goods to finished goods quarantine. 
  • When satisfied by the product quality, QA will release the product to the market by attaching release labels on respective pallets containing the product. 
  • All released goods should be removed immediately from quarantine area to respective racks while waiting issuing to respective customer. 
  • Product must be issued according to FEFO system i.e. First Expiry, First Out. 

SOP : Standard operating Procedure. 
FGT : Finished Goods Transfer. 
QA : Quality Assurance. 
FEFO : First Expiry First Out.

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