SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Vibro Sifter

To provide a procedure for the operation and cleaning of Vibro Sifter. 

It is applicable to the operation and cleaning of Vibro Sifters located in the Production area. 

Operator: To operate and clean the equipment as per this procedure. 
Supervisor: To ensure that the SOP is followed. 


  • Ensure Cleanliness of the Sifter and Sieves before use. 
  • Check integrity of Sieve before and after operation. 
  • Assemble the Sieve and other parts of the machine and make it ready for operation. 
  • Get line clearance from QA and update the status label before operating . 
  • Place the container in which the sifted material is to be collected at the discharge point of the machine. 
  • Load the material to be sifted (according to capacity of Sifter) at the charging point. 
  • Switch on the three phase mains and Start the machine. 
  • Collect the sifted material in SS container, weight the material and affix the label on the container. 
  • Switch off the machine after the completion of work.  

  • Put ‘OFF’ the power supply and cover the electrical parts (if any) with poly. 
  • Dismantle the Sieve and clean at-least twice with Raw water until all the residue is washed off. Use Alcohol if required. Rinse with purified water. 
  • Clean the other parts of the machine with Raw water and finally rinse with purified water 
  • Wipe out all the items with dry lint free cloth and finally wipe with 70% IPA. Allow the cleaned dismantled parts to dry. Re-assemble the machine parts. 

Frequency of cleaning: 
  • Clean the machine after every product changeover and after three consecutive batches of the same product. 

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.


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