Operating Procedure of Batch Printing Machine

To lay down a procedure for operation of batch printing machine. 

This SOP shall be applicable for batch printing machine in packing area.

  • The concerned operator is responsible for implementation of the process. 
  • The Packing In-Charge is responsible for the execution and compliance of the procedure. 

  • Packing person shall ensure the cleanliness of the batch printing machine (semi-automatic) its parts & area and ‘cleaned label’ on it. 
  • Before starting the operation packing person get the line clearance from Q.A person by writing the status label with Product Name, Batch Details to equipment & area. 
  • Packing In-Charge will issue the stereo to operator. 
  • Adjust the Block according to data given, Batch No., Mfg. Date, and Exp.Date with flat rubber stereos. 
  • Wet the roller of batch printing machine with Black Ink. 
  • Rotate the roller by hand, so that uniformity of ink on roller is achieved. 
  • Adjust the Block on Base-Plate in such a way that printing is uniform and in proper place on the labels. 
  • Switch “ON” the mains. 
  • Take the trial of overprinting on label. 
  • When over printing of batch details are satisfactory, get the signature from packing In-Charge and Q.A. Person on over printed cartons. Continue over printing and complete the batch. 
  • Record the batch details in “Printing Log Book. 
  • Attach specimen label to BPR. 
  • Collect the over printed labels in duly labeled container with Batch details. 
  • Switch “OFF” the mains & Affix “To be cleaned” label. 
  • Seal the container till taken for packing. Store the container in designated area provided. Return the used stereo to the packing In-Charge. 

Q.A - Quality Assurance 
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
No. - Number 

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