Issuance of Empty Capsule Shells

To lay down a procedure for dispensing of empty capsule shells for production. 

This procedure Applies to warehouse department.

Raw material warehouse personnel to follow the procedure. 
Dispensing chemist is responsible for the execution of the procedure. 
Warehouse in charge to ensure the compliance. 

  • Since the counting of empty capsules is not possible because it is too time consuming, capsules are quantified by weighing. 
  • Five sets of 100 capsules each are taken and weighed separately and the overall average weight per capsule is found out. 
  • Now if the requisition is for say, 100,000 capsules of a particular size and colour combination, then the weight of 100,000 capsules is found out by multiplying the average weight of the capsule found out in step 5.2 above by 100,000. 2% extra is added to this weight to compensate for any loss during the filling process. 
  • Then the capsules are weighed and issued to the capsules department. 
  • After the batch is complete the remaining capsules are weighed and returned to the Warehouse accompanied by a goods return note. Thus per batch utilization of capsules can be known and expressed in kilograms. 
Q.A - Quality Assurance 
Q.C - Quality Control 
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
No. - Number 
W.H - Warehouse

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