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SOP for Calibration of Electrolab Disintegration Apparatus

To lay down the procedure for calibration of the Disintegration Test Apparatus for better and error free use. 

This procedure is applicable for Disintegration Test Apparatus (MAKE: ELECTROLAB, installed in Quality Control Department.

  1. It is the responsibility of QC Executives to perform the calibration of the apparatus to follow the procedure fully. 
  2. It is the responsibility of QC Asst. Manager to ensure that the procedure is properly followed. 
Calibration should be conducted once in every six months and after repairs/maintenance. 

  • Start the apparatus as per current version of SOP for operation. 
  • Place 1000mL of water in the 1000mL beaker and check the following. 
Temperature Setting:
  • When indicator display 25°C, measure the temperature of individual beaker with thermometer and record the results as per Attachment-I 
  • Repeat the same procedure for measuring temperature at 37°C and record the results as per Attachment-I  
Strokes / Minute:
  • Record the number of up-down cycles per minute. Note down four readings for each bath and record the results as per Attachment-I 
  • Measure the oscillations for Basket A and Basket B four times and calculate the mean value. Using a metric ruler, measure the distance the basket travels between the highest and lowest point of the bottom of the basket through the beaker. Record the results as per Attachment-I 

Attachment – I – Calibration Record of Disintegration Tester 
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SOP : Standard Operating Procedure 


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