SOP for Temperature Mapping in Warehouse

To lay down a procedure for conduct a temperature mapping exercise in warehouse. 

This SOP shall be applicable for RM Store, PM Store, FG Store, Controlled sample room & Cool room at warehouse Department. 

  • Warehouse Supervisor: To maintain & record the temperature mapping record. 
  • Warehouse Manager: To check the daily records. 
  • QA Manager: Implementation of this SOP. 

  • Before starting Temperature Mapping activity, ensure that all respective air handling unit and air conditioners should be “ON” for 24 hours. 
  • The temperature mapping exercise for RM Stores are seven days, PM Store, FG Store, Controlled sample room & Cool room are three days. 
  • Place calibrated thermohygrometer for RM Store, PM Store, FG Store, Controlled sample room and Cool room at different locations in a respective area. 
  • When temperature stabilizes, start the recording of temperature at every one hour for the respective area. Start recording from 9:00 AM to 15:00 PM as per Attachment-I. 
  • After completion of the activity, find out the hottest zone in the area and place the thermohygrometer in the respective zone. 
  • Record the daily monitoring of temperature and humidity as per SOP.

Attachment – I – Temperature Mapping Record 
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SOP – Standard operating procedure 
RM – Raw material 
PM – Packing material 
FG – Finished Goods 
QA – Quality assurance 

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