SOP for Dry Syrup Filling Procedure

To lay down a procedure for Dry syrup filling in PVC bottles. 

This procedure applies for Beta-Lactam production department in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities. 

  • The Dry syrup filling operator is responsible for implementation of the process. 
  • The Beta-Lactam In-Charge is responsible for the execution and compliance of the procedure. 
  • The dry bottles are cleaned by passing compressed air to remove any dust. 
  • The dry syrup powder is filled in the hopper of the filling machine and the machine weights are set and checked before starting filling. 
  • The cleaned bottles are kept on the conveyor and passes to the filling machine where the dry powder is filled as per the set weight. 
  • The filled bottles go to the table where the caps are attached and sealed manually immediately. 
  • The filled and sealed bottles are then taken to the labeling table, where they are labeled put in the individual cartons and then packed in the shipper and sealed with the clear cello tape in ‘C’ shape and transferred to finished goods quarantine store. 
  • Affix label on each shipper, indicating Name of the product, Batch No. Manufacturing dare and expiry date and quantity of product inside the shipper. 
Q.A - Quality Assurance 
BL - Beta-Lactam 
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure 
No. - Number 
PVC - Poly vinyl chloride

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