SOP for Cleaning Procedure of Karl Fischer Apparatus

To lay down the procedure for cleaning of KF Apparatus. 

This SOP shall be applicable for KF Apparatus installed in Quality Control Laboratory.

Execution : Chemist and above-QC department 

  • Frequency: After each use 
  • After completion of the analysis, open the titration flask pour the KF reagent in the KF waste bottle, wash the vessel with of methanol. 
  • Clean the electrode with the help of tissue paper.
  • Clean the outer surface of the instrument with Isopropyl alcohol (when required) and dry it with tissue paper. 
  • As and when required, replace the ‘self indicating’ coarse silica 
  • If the colour of the silica gel changes from blue to pink, regenerate the silica gel by keeping it in oven for some time till it gets blue color again. 
  • After completion of cleaning of the KF apparatus, record the cleaning details in instrument log card as per current version of SOP.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
Q.C: Quality control
KF: Karl Fischer

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