Preparation of Site Master File

To write a guideline for preparing a Site Master File (SMF).

This SOP is applicable for the preparation of the Site master file.

QA Personnel, Head QA

  • A site Master File (SMF) is a written document, which provide the authenticate information about a manufacturing facility for whom it has been prepared and concerned.
  • Site Master File shall have a unique document no. Format of Site master file shall fix when first time prepared.
  • SMF Preparation and Approval: SMF shall initiate from project and finalize after the completion of facility and startup of work it shall finalize.
  • The SMF shall be prepared by QA personnel, checked by Plant head and approved by QA Head.
  • The contents of SMF shall be as under: It includes following headings and then details under these:
  1. General Information
  2. Personnel
  3. Premises and Equipment
  4. Documentation
  5. Production
  6. Quality Control
  7. Contract manufacture and analysis
  8. Distribution, complaints, and product recalls
  9. Self Inspection

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  • The quality Policy of the company and the quality management system shall be described.
  • Description of the firm shall detail with location and surroundings. The drugs which are manufactured at the site.

  • A list of the key personnel including their responsibilities, qualification and experience should be mentioned. Medical checkup and it schedules for personnel working in manufacturing core areas should be described.
  • Gowning procedure with their maintenance shall be described.
  • Training of personnel including from starting to continuity like Induction, cGMP, job-specific and external training shall be covered. Evaluation method of training is must explain.

  • Entire details of Premises with MOC shall be explained by highlighting the areas (like manufacturing, eng., QA & QC etc.) in the layouts. A brief description of equipment and laboratory instruments shall be described including their details as an annexure.
  • Preventive maintenance and Sanitization and Pest Control measures shall be included in the Site Master file.
  • All utilities like water, HVAC, compressed air, nitrogen gas facility including steam generator, chiller, and boiler shall describe with their capacity and for the HVAC & water system all related layouts shall be explained. Any special areas for handling of highly toxic hazardous and sensitizing material should be clearly addressed.

  • This section shall detail the description of the documentation & data control system. Documents related to product quality like Specifications, STPs other documented procedures shall be described under this section.

  • Flow charts of all drug manufacturing procedures shall elaborated with their Production process controls should be described. Ma & Material handling, movement during manufacturing process shall be written. Document should detail the arrangements for handling of rejected materials and finished products.

  • Description of QC activities shall be detailed which shall include the preparation, revision and distribution of specifications, STPs, GTPs. Procedure & responsibility for review and release of batch. Handling of Out of Specification policy should be defined under this section.

  • Details of the contract agreement which states the policies regarding the supply of materials, testing, manufacturing process controls, packaging and final dispatch of the product shall de detailed. 

  • Distribution, product recall and handling of market complaint policy and procedure to be mentioned here by given cross reference of SOP. 
  • Wherever applicable a cross reference of Sops shall be given in SMF. As attachments of SMF shall be Layouts, list of key personnel, equipment/instrument/utilities list, manufacturing procedure flow charts, AHUs & water system layouts, site plan, civil layouts by highlighting areas, SOPs list, organograms and whatever required shall be attached as per SMF annexure.
  • Review and Up-dation of SMF: All changes have been done, shall update in SMF after a frequent interval or change record shall be tentatively maintained and at the time of revision all change shall be incorporated.
  • The review period shall be two years. After revision, document revision no. shall be revised.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
Q.A.: Quality Assurance
cGLP: Current Good Laboratories Practice
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice


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